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You’re a tech VIP.
Get ready to be represented like one

Are you a passionate tech talent who embodies unwavering determination, grit and dedication for success? We are looking for you, poised to be represented like the tech VIP that you are. Join our thriving and vibrant community, where you will flourish and meet global opportunities.


Selection Process

Start Your Room Membership Application

Let's get started on your journey to join The ROOM. First things first, complete our registration form, it only takes a few minutes. By providing us with your contact information, we can ensure you won't miss out if you need to step away from your application.

To make your application process as smooth as possible, we recommend having your most up-to-date resume on hand, written in English. It's essential to us that we get a comprehensive understanding of your skills and experience to ensure you match our requirements.

We've designed a straightforward and efficient selection process. After reviewing your application, if we see that you meet The ROOM Membership requirements, you'll get on a call with one of our Talent Agents. During the call, our agent will assess your profile and skills. If you're a match, we'll send you an invite to join our vibrant community.

We'll keep you informed throughout the whole process, so you always know where you stand.

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